Did this really happen?

Growing up in a fairly liberal area, I’ve always noticed two things: firstly, that there’s a particular worldview that you’re expected to internalise; second, that said worldview is often at odds with reality.

Listening to left-wing rhetoric in general, you would think that the world was moving steadily, inexorably, towards some type of socialist utopia. All impediments could be excused as hiccups on the road of progress, all abuses justified in the name of the revolution and the greater good, all unintended consequences the result of failing to be sufficiently socialist. And nowhere on earth was this imagined reality embodied better than the nation of Venezuela, where anti-capitalist hero Hugo Chavez led a revolutionary movement to victory. Riding a wave of populism, he attacked reactionary tendencies wherever he saw them, never missed a chance to put up two fingers to the United States government, and served as an inspiration to dreamers the world over.

He’s dead now, but it was widely believed that his successor, Maduro, would carry on his legacy with only a little less charisma. Everyone knew that the spirit of Chavez would live on, inspiring new generations of socialists in leading the proletariat to victory over imperialist oppressors.

Never was it considered that overthrow might come from within – that the people would turn on the Bolivarian revolutionary movement. Even if they did, it was believed that state and social structures were sufficiently powerful to prevent a popular reactionary relapse from metastasising into capitalist restoration. At the very least, if all else failed, party cadres could be counted on to seize control back from recidivists and put the nation back on the revolutionary path.

It never occurred to our red heroes that their defeat might come in an election.

Now the old government is covering its tracks. Sure sign that this is the calm before the storm.

I don’t know… I never trust a politician with a moustache. *Cough*Hitler*Cough*Stalin*Cough*