Why the West Will Win

Of late there’s been good news on the home front: the filthy swamp of pessimism plaguing the West has been drained decisively. Where once sat fear, now there is outrage. And more importantly, courage. And perhaps most importantly of all, action.

The invasion of the West by islam is nothing new – since its inception the cult of murderer and pederast mohammed has turned its hand against everyone, demanding obedience or death, and frequently inflicting both through force of arms. Where it has prospered, its slave peoples have suffered. Even other muslims are not immune to its rapacious appetites – time and again they are butchered in competitions between deviating strains of this vile cancer upon humanity.

What hope has an infidel when an overly PC, afraid-of-its-own-shadow government sets policy and demands accommodation for those that have declared a war of conquest and exploitation upon us? When robberies, rapes, murders, drug pushing, and heinous abuse of every sort are tolerated so as not to appear discriminatory? When simply speaking out against it gets you effectively blacklisted – what hope, what hope?

Plenty, it turns out – those with nothing to lose have nowhere to go but up, and can act with total freedom. And in striking us down, though they may not have realized it, our enemies within and without have made us more powerful than ever before.

Advanced weaponry has been credited – falsely – with the success of European civilization across the course of its history, the “guns, germs and steel” theory that puts aside all the social and cultural benefits brought from Europe to a savage world. That, too, is supposedly the only thing that stood in the way of Europe being overwhelmed in turn. Yet advanced weaponry is not why we are dangerous – it is, rather, a natural result of our indomitable Will to fight, to survive, to emerge stronger and conquer our enemies forever, erasing them from history as anything but another dead and un-revivable foe.

What makes we the European civilizations dangerous, more so than any other collection of peoples on the planet, is our diverse array of simultaneous specializations, broader and yet more focused than any other folk. We have the wherewithal to destroy anything and everything, should we so choose. None can withstand our wrath – only try to evade it or prevent it. But once roused we are unstoppable, and that is why the media is in such frantic panic mode: their only effective means of preventing our collective reconquista is failing, hard, and we are now fighting back.

This counterattack is already all over the internet – gotta love the “shitposting trolls” in each and every nook and cranny, turning the whole internet into an unsafe space for saws outside their little isolated fortresses of moderated echo-chambers.

I’d like you to consider the wretchedness of our enemy, the “social justice warrior”: as indiscrimination is the highest virtue of their ideology, they lack the ability to differentiate one type of enemy from another, genuine enemy from someone pointing out an inconvenient fact, or even friend from foe. They are unable at last to see the truth as anything but yet another form of “enemy propaganda.” Outside their echo-chamber, their foes prowl in what may as well be to them a perfectly coordinate alliance of inimical enmity – irreconcilable, indomitable, constantly hounding them with things that look to their perspective to be deviously-honed attacks meant to sow doubt, but which are for the most part innocuous truths whose meaning is made grotesque only by their denial of said simple facts.

Within, the situation of the left community is even worse. Increasingly suspicious and hostile of outsiders and insiders alike, they are subjected to routine purges of even the most “virtuous” for falling out of step with ideological changes. Frequent internecine wars regarding the nature of said changes serve to further thin the herd, and the attacks and exploitation they suffer at the hands of their their supposed allies and benefactors, who do not in actuality give a damn about them or their dreams of the future, serve to further disillusion and demoralize them.
The result is that no safe space is left to them, not even within their own minds – a thousand thousand chimaeras stalk the halls of their consciousness every waking and sleeping moment, turning even the most insignificant fear to which they subject themselves into a monstrous nightmare, and billions more wait in the real world for the ruin they wreak on their own selves to ripen them for leisurely harvest.

The nastiness of this outcome repels even some of the most zealous prospective future converts, and cuts down on their recruitment and replacement capacity. Folk sicken of the hypocrisy, the paranoia, the ludicrous requirements of false belief, the necessity of thankless and joyless labour in service of abusive masters and ideologies. Everyone who parts from the herd is a willing and passionate enemy of their former overseers.

Simultaneously, every long-sworn foe’s conviction is strengthened by the tales of horror recounted by escapees from the social justice prison-fortress of the mind. Such unbridled malice cannot be allowed to fester, even when it does no outside harm – like a tumor it must be cut out before it spreads, no matter the pain, no matter the loss. Any measure less is unthinkable, unconscionable, unacceptable to all who are aware.

We’ve turned the tide decisively – all indications point to a Trump victory in November, a Hofer victory in Austria, rampant demolition of the social justice cult across the whole Western World, and increasingly desperate conditions for our foes as. They have reached the limits of their abilities and overexerted, whereas we have barely begun to discover the first levels of our power. We wax and they wane; lethal combination, and they have made far too many enemies to turn back the clock now.

And for all the online talk, much action is taken too. Citizens organize and rebel daily against the evils of our enemies, ridicule and fight them across every platform, and challenge them in the street and in their halls of power. We depose them; there is no place where they remain ascendant, and their institutions atrophy as we choke them off. Their desperate moves to salvage the ruins of their dreams only hasten their demise as we move from strength to strength, victory to victory, each more decisive and more strategically valuable than the last.

All because they couldn’t wait. Had they but held back, they might have deposed us in our own lands, both those we started from and those we conquered. They might have played false virtue, and kept evil on the low, indefinitely until a tipping point was reached – they still wouldn’t have gotten what they wanted, but they’d have taken us down with them that way. But in their greed they acted too soon, and took too much, too fast, with no way to sweep it under the rug – and now every individual, every group, knows the true name and face of the enemy, knows whom to curse.

We have won. Our task is to make our victory worthwhile, endure the dying foe as he lashes out in despair, and build a future worth living in – one without prospect of such a catastrophe ever again taking place. We’re up to it, we’ve taken the task in hand, and we’ll keep at it until the job is done. So mote it be.