It’s the most… Wonderful?… Time, of the year!

Ding dong, ding dong! The kids are up bright and early, people are off to the stores, they’ve made a list, checked it twice, and are rushing to beat the rush of shoppers in hot pursuit of the perfect gift. And of course, they’re all on their best behaviour.

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So about that oil spill…

Big news here in Vancouver, that oil spill we all heard about…

Apparently our politicians are just A-OK with however long it takes to clean up.

Nice to know they care.


Think outside the box!!!! wait…

Hey kids! Does your only sense of political awareness come from being forced to read 1984 by Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) in tenth grade?

If your idea of sticking it to the establishment is putting a Che pin on your backpack, Taco Bell is the edgy, funky, rebellious alternative to the Stalinist gloom of McDonalds! Don’t be a sheeple drone in the routine republic – join the breakfast rebellion today!


Oh how I wish I was kidding.

I don’t really know what to make of this. “Eat at Taco Bell – our ground beef is saturated with up to 10% less growth hormone, and the roaches in our restaurant wipe their feet before scuttling over your food!”

The idea, I guess, is that McDonald’s burgers are gross (true enough), and Taco Bell is a healthy alternative (patently false).

With the current political climate what it is and Obama revving up the old Cold Warmachine for another go at the Russkies over Crimea, I guess it kinda makes sense that someone’d resort to this. I think, though, that this says more as a case study for the McDonaldization of society (how ironic) than it does as an ad – at just shy of 3 minutes length, this commercial exceeds the typical consumer’s attention span by a good 175 seconds. As a critique of how we proles – er, customers – get the idea that shopping at one state-approved corporate outlet is somehow more socially-conscious or rebellious than shopping at another for the same item, however, it is both telling and compelling. Sadly, I’m thinking this will go right over most people’s heads.

The ball-pit moat is a clever touch though. East German Stasi-hats off to you, breakfast-comrades at Taco Bell’s marketing department.